About Carmel Rowden

by Hera Lindsay Bird

Carmel Rowden is a peer-esteemed, omnichannel storyscaper and marketing visionary whose work utilises many groundbreaking strategic optimisations…?

Wait, no:

Carmel Rowden is a dreamweaver, a spirit healer, a registered 17th century Dutch art dealer.

Hang on, let’s try that again.

Carmel Rowden is standing outside your window, breathing against the glass good at her job. She’s a self taught acupuncturist creative professional who collaborates with mysterious strangers small businesses and organisations to find small coins down the back of the couch unique ways to share their stories. She’s a strategist schemer and lateral sideways-thinker who works primarily with video, graphic and web design, and other formats so contemporary they probably haven’t even been invented yet. 

She knows how to get a message across, but she’s also a great listener. She has more backgrounds than a 90's family portrait studio, and has worked across the arts, education and community organisations. Whether you need to throw a fake party for a social media video campaign (it didn’t make the final edit), a ceramics focused fundraiser dinner, design a sexy tidal chart or you simply want a new website where the cursor looks like a banana wearing a bat costume, Carmel’s onto it.

Carmel cares about talking good clear communication, being smart fresh thinking, and the declining number of whooping crane nesting populations in South Florida authenticity.

Her work is contemporary, joyful and values based, which is just a pretentious way of saying she cares about people, and generally is not an egg. She’s full of good ideas. She’d love to sit down with you, and see how she can help.
The mother of Carmel Rowden, with siblings, 1946.
Used without permission.